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your concerns


You may be here because you're suffering at the moment, struggling to cope with your troubling thoughts and feelings.  Perhaps you're feeling depressed, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed.  You may be feeling distressed having experienced a specific traumatic event or you may feel you have lost your sense of direction.  It may be that you're looking to begin a journey of self-exploration to understand yourself better and improve your relationships.


Whatever your reason for reading this, beginning therapy with me will give you the opportunity to talk in confidence about what is on your mind.  With me, a trusting professional relationship can develop in a safe, non judgemental environment, enabling you to voice your feelings and be truly heard.  Together we will explore what is going on for you and create an understanding of how this has brought you to the present day.


Issues I work with include:





lack of direction

low self-confidence

low self-esteem

relationship problems







work related issues

coping with illness

women's issues


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